Which Braces are Right for You?


This video discusses the different types of braces to help people who need tooth alignment correction.

Traditional braces are still one of the strongest and most effective types of braces one can get. They are also highly affordable and can fit into many people’s budgets. The downside of traditional braces is that they are very obvious, and they may also be a little uncomfortable to wear at first.

Ceramic braces are another option a dental patient might consider. Ceramic braces are a bit more expensive than traditional braces because of the extra difficulty in having them machined.

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However, they are less obvious as parts of them are the same color as the wearer’s teeth.

Lingual braces are like traditional braces in strength. However, these braces go behind the wearer’s teeth. An individual may prefer lingual braces to other types of braces because of the level of discretion they provide.

Invisalign is a tooth alignment system that uses clear plastic aligners to realign the teeth. Some people are highly interested in Invisalign because they are also removable. A wearer can easily take them out to clean his or her teeth or simply take a break from wearing them. Patients have an array of options now.

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