Why You Might Use Partial Dentures


You might have heard of dentures and thought that you would never need to use them. But what about partial dentures? There are many reasons that people lose one or two teeth, and partial dentures might be a good fit. Here are some of the things that you might need them for.

If you have teeth missing on opposite sides of your mouth, this is a great solution. The material that mocks the roof of your mouth will adhere to it and expand to slot the false teeth into the open space.

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You might have teeth missing from blunt trauma or just from rot after years of cavities. Either way, these are a great option for your smile.

When you get your dentures made, the dentist will take a mold of your mouth to send off for printing. It can take a few months and several visits to the dentist before your dentures are ready. This is a great alternative to fake teeth because dentures can be taken out while you are eating, drinking, or sleeping, and have better longevity.

Talk to your dentist about filling in your missing teeth today. It will give you a chance at a more confident smile and a happier lifestyle.


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