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Tooth Reshaping: What It Is And What You Need To Know

tooth reshapingFor many Americans, a bright healthy smile is considered socially important. However, only 35% of all American adults have teeth that are naturally well-aligned.

Fortunately, through cosmetic dentistry, those who are unhappy with their smiles can use a variety of procedures including teeth whitening, dental veneers, and tooth reshaping to get the smile they’ve always dreamed of.

Tooth reshaping, in particular, can help fix a tooth’s minor imperfections or misshapen appearance. If your own teeth have a few cosmetic imperfections you’d like to see improved, consider the following information about tooth reshaping to see if this cosmetic procedure is right for you.

How does tooth reshaping work?
Tooth reshaping, also known as cosmetic contouring or tooth contouring, is when a cosmetic dentist...

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4 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of the Dentist

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Nearly 3 million people have dental implants. With that in mind, it’s still understandable that certain individuals simply find visiting the dentist to be a scary thought. Learning a few simple strategies can help ensure that you receive your dental implant without feeling stressed out. Certain emergency situations might warrant the need for what is known as same day implants. These implants have received this term due to the fact that certain offices can create these tooth replacements within one business day. Considering that, here are four tips to help you overcome your fear of undergoing a dental implant procedure.

  1. Ask for Something to Help Calm You

    You’ll find that many dental offices are aware that patients sometimes fear to visit them. Considering that, you m
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    Nearly 3 ...

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