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Could Your Jaw Pain Be a TMJ Disorder?

Nearly 35 million people in the U.S. have TMJ disorder. Adults who suffer from facial pain that is chronic like jaw pain, earaches or headaches could have temporomandibular disorder. TMJ is the source for those types of pains and aches due to the joints on either side of your head called the temporomandibular joints. The work in tandem along with ligaments, muscles, bones and discs so you can chew, speak and make different movements with your jaw.

What Exactly Is TMJ?

TMJ actually refers to different conditions that affect the temporomandibular joints, facial nerves and jaw muscles. It can occur directly when your jaw twists to open, close or make side-motion movements. There are many symptoms that could be experienced including neck aches, headaches, pain in or around your ear, tenderness of jaw muscles or your jaw, jaw pain when yawning, biting, or chewing, soreness more prevalent in the late afternoon or morning, difficulty closing and opening your mouth,

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Getting Help at the Dentist’s Office

The teeth are a critical part of any child or adult’s health, and if the teeth are healthy and attractive, a person can have a confident and pleasing smile and they will suffer no serious ill effects of the teeth. Visiting the dentist will often merely involve routine cleaning and inspection. However, many different dental issues may arise in children and adults alike, anything from common cavities or tooth decay all the way to tooth crowding (which has a number of causes) and even the result of trauma such as chipped, loose, or knocked out teeth. What can be done about these dental issues, and how can a person maintain good health for their teeth in between visits to the dentist? Dentures, Invisalign retainers, and much more can be used, and aside from products like adult braces or Invisalign, ordinary people can and should use common means of tooth care like toothbrushes and mouthwaThe te...

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