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Many dentists will recommend that patients get dental implants if they have missing teeth, especially if they’ve lost several of them. Patients who already have relatively tough and dense jawbones may not need bone augmentation processes of any kind. That said, adding bone to teeth can be essential for people who already have relatively weak facial bones, which is common for individuals who are in need of dental implants.

Individuals who have already lost some of their bone density may have vulnerable teeth for many reasons. Some of the same factors that can lead to lost teeth can also contribute to various forms of bone loss. People with diets that are low in calcium and certain vitamins may be more likely than other individuals to develop these problems. It’s also common for people to lose at least some of their original bone mass as they get older.

Adding bone to jaw for implants can work successfully, but the process isn’t simple. Patients may need an abutment for dental implant once they’ve healed after the surgery. There are implant dentists who have spent most of their careers performing these important procedures. Knowing about teeth implants can help patients choose dental professionals.

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Are you concerned about preserving the look of your teeth? Do you have teeth that are missing altogether? In either case, seeking out affordable dentists who provide cosmetic dental procedures may be worthwhile.

When it comes to missing teeth specifically, cosmetic dental implants are becoming increasingly popular. About 500,000 more people in the United States are getting dental implants with every passing year. About 15 million people in the country have already resolved the problem of missing teeth with bridges and crowns.

The cosmetic dental surgery of dental implants consists of a titanium root planted in the gums, with a porcelain crown and abutment fitted to the root. An implant is the one kind of cosmetic dental work that promotes the growth of natural bone in one’s jaw and around teeth.

With all this being said, only about 10% of American dentists provide dental implants as an option. This may make the process of choosing the best cosmetic dentist for you all the more important. It is possible that rather than dental implants, however, you simply want your teeth whitened, which happens to be the most common procedures in American cosmetic dentistry.

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