Four Facts You Need to Know About All on Four Dental Implants


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Many have heard the term “all on four” in reference to dental implants, but not everyone knows exactly how beneficial they can be for people with all or most of their teeth missing or failing.

Advances and improvements in dental technology in recent years have led to all on four implants that look, feel and function just like natural teeth. When so much of our social and professional success depend on the appearance of our smile, you can’t afford not to invest in your teeth with an all on four implant procedure.

Here are the top four facts everyone should know about all on four implants:

1. All on four implants require less surgery than the traditional dental implant process. All on four dental implants are a great alternative to traditional implants if you are missing most of your teeth because they only require four implants per arch. The all on four procedure is quick and painless: about 2.5 hours for each arch.

2. All on four implants restore your ability to eat and speak correctly. With all on four dental implants, you will be able to fully experience the hot and cold of whatever food you eat, along with its taste. The prosthetic teeth will also allow you to improve your speech.

3. All on four implants are comfortable. A big advantage of all on four dental implants is the fact that they don’t need to be removed like dentures. And unlike traditional dental implants, all on four implants are placed at an angle in your jaw, mimicking the natural placement of teeth. This provides optimal comfort for your prosthetic teeth — you won’t even know they’re there.

4. All on four implants can help you smile with confidence again. Did you know that studies have shown that all on four dental implants have a 98% success rate? With all on four dental implants, your smile will look naturally beautiful and healthy — and no one will know you have dental implants unless you tell them! Continue reading here.

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