Make Your Smile Your Best Asset


Gum pigmentation removal

For many Americans, the path a new job or more friends does not involve throwing more money at the problem or being in the right social circles. For a lot of people the problem centers on a poor smile. Fully 97% of Americans say that a smile is an important social asset. Fortunately there are plenty of solutions to make your first impression a major one.

In the United States, the use of lasers on the gums was first approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the early 1990s, and use on hard tissue like teeth or the bone of the mandible gained approval in 1996. Several variants of dental laser are in use, with the most common being diode lasers, carbon dioxide lasers, and yttrium aluminum garnet laser. Different lasers use different wavelengths and these mean they are better suited for different applications.

Discolored gums can take a toll on the overall appearance of the mouth, just as discolored teeth can. Removing excess melanin has been addressed by many dentists through gum tissue grafting procedures. The procedure often involves treating the roof of the mouth and the affected tissues surrounding the teeth to achieve results.

Gum pigmentation treatment or gum bleaching is the most viable solution for persons suffering from gum discoloration and unsightly dark gums. Laser gum surgery procedures may yield faster and longer lasting results compared to standard gum treatments. Often times you have no control over your long-term gum health. Your genetic history affects your melanin pigmentation, the physiological factor that determines the color of your gums and your skin.

Laser gum surgery can be the best method to help you get over your gum problems and help you get that smile you have always wanted. There are a variety of options for people can use to get over their gum issues. If you take care of your gums now, you can avoid several health issues down the line. Reference links.

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