Three Great Ways to Improve Your Smile


Dental work

Did you know that the first nylon bristled toothbrush was created in 1938? In addition, eating sesame seeds can help reduce the amount of plaque on your teeth. However, even by consuming sesame seeds and brushing your teeth daily, a variety of dental problems can still occur, such as tooth decay and tooth loss. Fortunately, since these types of issues have a negative impact on the appearance of teeth, cosmetic dentistry is able to help. There are several cosmetic dental procedures available, and each one will give you a more attractive smile.

1. Veneers. Veneers are thin sheets of durable porcelain, and they are bonded to the front surfaces of teeth to cover a wide variety of noticeable imperfections. Stained, misshapen, and crooked teeth, for example, can all benefit from veneers. Although this form of dental work is not permanent, veneers can last for up to 10 years before they need to be replaced.

2. Dental implants. This form of cosmetic dental surgery is a permanent solution to tooth loss, which is important because nearly 10% of all Americans who are over the age of 65 are missing teeth. Dental implants are titanium rods that are inserted directly into the jawbone, and after the jawbone heals for 8-16 weeks, the implants are topped with porcelain crowns that look and feel like natural teeth. Since this is the only procedure available that provides a natural tooth-like experience, approximately 10% of all cosmetic dentists offer this treatment.

3. Teeth whitening. This is the most sought-after cosmetic dental treatment in the United States, and for good reason, too. Professional teeth whitening is often performed using bleaching chemicals, and these substances are able to make teeth several shades whiter in just one session. Even though teeth whitening treatments must be touched up once every few years, this is one of the most efficient ways to achieve a brighter smile.

When your teeth are not as attractive as they used to be, cosmetic dentistry is able to help. There are several cosmetic dental procedures available, and each one will significantly improve the appearance of your teeth. By choosing the treatment option that is right for you, you will finally be able to flaunt your smile with confidence again. Great references here.

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