Top Three Reasons Not to Fear the Dentist


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There are a lot of reasons that someone might be afraid of going to a dentist, or at least uncomfortable with the idea. Perhaps it’s the drills, or the numbing chemicals, or maybe even just the bibs they sometimes make you wear. More likely than not, though, as with many other fears, uncomfortable-ness may stem from what is essentially a lack of knowledge about the dentist to begin with. They have fancy degrees and an arsenal of shiny tools, but what, exactly, can they do with them? Here are three of the most common services offered by most dentists that offer very little in the way of terror:

1. Tooth Whitening

One service that dentists offer is a simple tooth whitening procedure. Early Romans and Greeks used crushed bone and oyster shells to clean their teeth, and while the invention of the toothpaste in the nineteenth century was an improvement, dentists can do the job even better with their tools. This service is barely invasive at all and can be useful to nearly anyone who still has their teeth. For anyone who wants a more beautiful smile, a dentist can help, whether it’s because of some accident or disease or simply ill care. Not everyone has the attention to detail to replace their tooth brush every three months or every time they get sick, but it is a simple choice to ask a dentist to undo any damage that has occurred.

2. Tooth Cleaning

On the subject of damage, dentists can undo more than cosmetic damage. A century ago, about half of all adults in North America went without teeth, but that dynamic shifted heavily with the improved dental care we have developed; now, when any issue occurs, one can visit a dentist for an in-depth cleaning, so fewer than ten percent of adults over sixty five have lost any teeth. In fact, in a year nearly eighty percent of children under the age of eighteen visit a dentist, oftentimes for a cleaning. One can do a lot of good for their teeth at home, but dentists have a little more cleaning potential in their office. Once again, there is little to worry about.

3. Implants

Finally, for those who are missing teeth, dentists can conduct a dental implant procedure. A dental implant procedure may seem scary to the layman, but there is really very little to worry about. There is little that can go wrong when the proper precautions are taken; when care is taken, about ninety eight percent of dental implant procedures go off without a hitch and, if these implants are treated well, they can last a lifetime. A dental implant surgery may seem uncomfortable, but this dental surgery is one that need only happen once. Then, regular dental treatment should suffice. Are you excited to find a dentist? Why or why not? Ger more information on this topic here.

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