When Was the Last Time You Visited the Dentist?


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You are not quite sure how it happened, but for some reason you have not been to the dentist for nearly four years. You have been diligent about getting your two young daughters into their appointments every six months, but you have let your dental visits fall off the scheduling calendar. Now you are almost too embarrassed to call into the office and schedule an appointment. Your husband has a new dentist close to his office so you have considered switching to that location, but you are still feeling apprehensive.
Even if you do not fall in the category of the estimated 50.5% of Americans who claim that they floss on a daily basis, it is still important that you make and keep yearly dentist appointments. Whether you are searching for a “dentist Nashville TN,” or you are looking for a “pediatric dentist Omaha NE,” studies show that yearly dental visits are a step toward keeping as many of your own teeth as possible. Did you know that nearly 3.75% of adults 20 to 64 have no remaining teeth in the U.S.? Another 31.30% of adults over the age of 75 in America have no remaining natural teeth.
If anxiety and fear are what are keeping you from visiting the dentist, you should know that many newer techniques make dental visits much less difficult than in the past. Oral sedation dentistry, for instance, provides an opportunity to determine how much sedation you would like to make your next dentist appointment anxiety free. Many offices, in fact, specialize in appointments that always include sedation, as well as other relaxation options.
Visiting the dentist often carries with it some uncomfortable or painful memories. If this is the case for you, take the time to research what new sedation techniques are available. Appointments with “sedation dentist Nashville TN” might be far more pleasant and intrusive than you might imagine. Good dental hygiene practice help you keep your teeth for a lifetime. You wouldn’t think of having your child miss a dentist appointment, why isn’t the same true for you?

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